Mount Meru Packing List

Clothing, gear and personal items

Item Quantity
waterproof hiking boots 1
tennis shoes or light hikers 1
wool or polypro socks – medium/heavyweight 4
polypro shirt, sock liners and underwear 2 of each
polypro long underwear (top & bottom) 1
hiking shorts 1
hiking pants 1
wool or fleece sweater/pull-over 2
rain/wind-proof (Goretex) shell jacket 1
insulated rain/wind (Goretex) climbing pants 1
wool or fleece gloves – medium weight 1
wind/waterproof gloves — heavy weight 1
wool or synthetic stocking cap — windproof 1
sun hat 1
balaclava 1
gaiters 1
high quality sunglasses 1
walking stick 1 pair
expedition pack 1
day pack 1
sleeping bag (rated to 0°F) 1
headlamp & spare bulb 1
camp towel 1
pocket knife 1
1 liter water bottle 4
sun cream and lip balm – 30+SPF 1
large plastic garbage bags and ziploc storage bags of various sizes 1
lightweight toilet articles – toothbrush & paste, floss, hand cleanser, face pads 1
extra batteries 6
travel wallet 1
Camera & film 1
energy bars & snacks (energy gel/gu is best for summit day) 2 per day
First aid kit
Anti-malarial medicines doses
Cipro (GI, general antibiotic) 1 dose
Diamox (altitude) doses
iodine/water purification tabs 1 bottle
headache medicine (Ibuprofen) as needed
Imodium (diarrhea medicine) as needed
Pepto or Antacid (Rolaids) rolls (stomach acid medicine) as needed
Flu/sinus medicine as needed
Neosporin (cuts) as needed
Band-Aids as needed
moleskin for blisters at least 3 sheets
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